Giving Back

Homelessness is a rapidly growing epidemic and no where is it more prevalent than in our home city of Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles County is second to only NYC in homeless population but where New York houses 95% of their homeless, LA only houses 25%.  We believe a roof over your head should be a basic human right.  No matter if you are mentally ill, suffering from an addiction, or physically disabled; low incomes and high housing costs are the root causes of homelessness. In fact, recent study shows that nowhere in the United States can someone who works 40 hours a week at minimum wage afford a one bedroom apartment at fair market rent. It costs as little as $38.50 to provide a night of shelter for someone without a home.  While we understand that this is not a small or inexpensive problem to solve, we pledge to donate $1 of every sale because we believe every bit counts.